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Name Position School or City Year Team
Paul House G Knoxville Central 1947 2nd
Hal Miller T Dobyns-Bennett 1948 2nd
George Brenner B Messick 1948 2nd
Walter Anderson G Chattanooga, TN 1948 Hon. Mention
Hugh Hathcock G Humes 1949 6th
Chick King B Grove 1949 2nd
Claude Climer B Bradley Central 1949 1st
Hugh Ballard E Memphis Tech 1949 1st
Harold Brown E Memphis Central 1950 1st
Jay Sentell C Knox. Rule 1950 2nd
J.J. Long E Baylor 1950 5th
R. Keathley G Memphis, TN 1950 6th
Buddy Leake B Christian Brothers 1950 6th
Don Hanley C Memphis Southside 1951 7th
Buddy Cruse E Knoxville East 1951 5th
Ralph Robison B Memphis Southside 1951 1st
John Martin HB Memphis Central 1952 1st
George Volkert QB Litton 1952 2nd
Paul Hathcock G Humes 1952 6th
Bob Curington C Knoxville Central 1952 7th
Gene Saxon G Christian Brothers 1954 1st
David Vestal B McMinn County 1954 5th
Marv Montgomery T Bartlett, TN 1954 6th
Richard Vollmer B Memphis Central 1955 7th
John Raksnis T Columbia, TN 1955 6th
LeRoy Mills T Memphis, TN 1955 1st
Jerry Gilmer B Dobyns-Bennett 1956 6th
Jerry Findley G Memphis, TN 1956 7th
Chick Granning B Baylor 1956 3rd
Richard Davis T Memphis Messick 1956 1st
Wilburn Orr B Bolivar Central 1957 7th
Ronny Payne E Unknown 1957 7th
Frank Fracchia G Christian Brothers 1957 4th
Claude Pearson E Memphis Treadwell 1957 2nd
Jim Johnson HB Christian Brothers 1957 1st
George Canale HB Memphis Catholic 1958 1st
Jackie Pope B Oak Ridge 1958 1st
Clay Harkleroad C Dobyns-Bennett 1960 1st
Billy Fletcher QB Memphis Southside 1960 3rd
Randy Robinett HB Tennessee 1960 4th
David Carter G Baylor 1960 7th
Earl Beckett FB Memphis Southside 1961 4th
Steve Sloan QB Bradley Central 1961 1st
Jim Mabry T Messick 1961 7th

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